Monday, 23 July 2012

Table update

Not done too much more on the table, but I've put together a few photos and a video to show it.

First up, here's the video, build in OpenSCad of the components falling into place and then rotating the table central section:

It gets the idea across pretty well. Once the key switch is activated and the push button is hit, that central section will spin round 180 degrees to flip from poker to coffee mode, or visa versa.

Now these are the actual components I have so far:

Note the plastic connector that attaches the motor to the steel axle. After wondering how to do this for ages, it suddenly occurred to me I could just design them in a CAD package and print them off on my 3D printer. The connectors have correctly sized holes in at each end, so all that's left is to sand off the axle a bit (so it has a rough surface), then glue it in with high torque super glue or epoxy resin.

All I'm missing now are some springs to fit into the solenoid, a battery and the key switch.

So as I said, we've actually done a bit of work as well - one table lid coming up:

That central section is the bit that'll have glass on one side, and felt on the other.

And finally, a sneak preview of my design for telescopic legs (which won't be in version 1):

Ultimately this is a home made rotary linear actuator, which uses a threaded rod attached to a motor to push a bolt forwards or backwards, translating rotary movement into linear movement. Whether or not I end up using this for the table, it's a nice design for a powerful and accurate home made actuator, which typically cost quite a bit to buy pre-made.

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