Saturday, 7 April 2012

Starting Out


I'm a computer games programmer at Media Molecule called Chris (me enjoying cigar in Vegas on the right), and have always enjoyed all things electrical and programmable, so naturally robots and AI have been an interest. 

However I never really got around to doing much about the actual physical robot side of things until recently, and since it's quite interesting I've decided to document my progress on this blog. I was inspired by this little baby:

If you've not heard of it, it's a new computer that fits on a credit card, designed by some clever guys with the intent of making a fully functional, powerful pc that was cheap ($30) to teach kids to program. I decided it would be a great brain for a robot and ordered one, which sadly hasn't arrived yet. 

Despite the lack of awesome raspberry pi, the problem of creating the electronics to allow it to talk to actual motors and sensors got me thinking, and I decided to team up with a fellow Molecule, awesome game designer and master craftsman called John (on the left) to build robots in any way I could. After all there's countless tools and resources out there for building robots - I'll learn to do it, then when I finally get the credit card sized super brain I'll be all set to hook it up!

My original plan was to document this progress on a blog from the start, but I got lazy and so didn't bother. Hence my first few posts will be more of a history of where I've got to so far (over a month or so), building my first robot from a simple kit and then starting work on creating a prototype from scratch. So, check out the next post for my experiences with Bob the Boe Bot.


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